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Hotels in Laos

Here’s a list of hotel recommendations. We devided them in categories “Backpackers”, “Working Class”, “Movin’ Up” and “High Rollers”. We didn’t list the Vang Vieng guesthouses, because we will most likely reserve them for everybody. Also read Veo’s post about hotels for more information and if you want us to reserve your room.

A lot of information came from these two websites: Lao Hotel and Restaurant Association and Travel Fish and from the Lonely Planet.

> Backpackers (basic, $5-$10)
These are the guest houses that backpackers on a budget stay at. The rooms usually come with a fan and little to no effort to make the rooms look “nice”. That is not to say that they are not clean. Some are. Bathrooms are usually shared with other rooms. I doubt though that they will take reservations so early. If you reserve, make sure you remind them again one or two weeks before arriving and then again the day before you arrive. Otherwise they might give your room to someone else.

Saysouly Guest House: tel: +85621223757, mob.: +85620517609, email: saysouly@hotmail.com, 23 Thanon Manthatulat
Joe Guest House: tel/fax: +85621241936, 112 Thanon Fa Ngum
Syri 1 Guest House (not Syri 2): tel: +85621212682, Thanon Saigon

Luang Prabang
Phoun Sab Guest House: tel: +856 71 212975, Thanon Sisavangvong
Chittana Guest House: tel: +856 71 252377, Thanon Sakkarin
Bou Pha Guest House: tel: +856 71 252405, Thanon Sisavangvong
Phousi Guest House: tel: +856 71 212973, off Thanon Sakkarin, just north of the Royal Palace

> Working class (budget, $10-$25)
These guesthouses give good value for money in Laos. The rooms are simple but clean. They often come with aircon and tv. The warm water showers are the kind where the water is heated by a small electric heater with corresponding low water pressure.

Vayakorn Guesthouse: tel: +85621241911-2, email: vayakone@laotel.com, 91 Thanon Nokeo Khumman
Orchid Guesthouse: tel: +85621252 825, fax: +85621216 58833, 33 Thanon Fa Ngum
Mali Namphu Guest House: t: +856215093, 114 Thanon Pangkham
Douang Deuane Hotel: tel: +85621222 301-3, fax:+85621222300, Thanon Norkeokoummane
Thong Bay Guest House: tel: (021) 242 292, (020) 5663 809

Luang Prabang
Sayo Guest House: tel: +856 71 252614,
Le Tam Tam Garden Hotel: tel/fax: +856 71 252499, 91/8 Thanon Sissavanvong
Xieng Mouane Guest House: Tel: +856 71 252152
Villa Ban Lao, Tel: +856 71 252078, Fax: +856 71 212438, Ban Mano

> Movin’ up (standard, $25-$50)
Your mileage may vary in this category. If you find a good one, you get extra comfort and cleanlyness and friendlyness and more effort to give the place and rooms more style, which can really be worth the extra expense. If you’re unlucky, you only get the pretence of more luxury for your extra dollars.

Inter Hotel: tel: +85621242842-4, fax: +85621215137, email: interhotel@laopdr.com, 24-25 FaNgum Road
Beau Rivage Hotel: +856 (0)21 243350, contact@hbrm.com, Fa Ngum Road, Ban Seetarn Neua
Lani 1 Guest House: +85621216103, lanico@laotel.com, 281 Thanon Setthatirat
Le Parasol Blanc
: tel:+856 21 216 091, fax: +856 21 222 290, Thanon Sibounheuang

Luang Prabang
Senesouk Guest House: tel: +856 71 212074, Central Luang Prabang
View Khem Kong: tel: +856 71 213032, Khem Kong Road
Sala Luang Prabang
: tel: +856 71 252460, fax: +856 71 252472, On the Mekong,
The Apsara, tel: +856 71 254670, fax: +856 71 254252, Thanon Kingkitsarath
Tumtum Cheng Guest House, tel: +856 71 253224, fax: +856 71 253262, tumtumcheng@yahoo.com, Ban Xieng Thong
Ban Pack Luck
: tel: +856 71 5516517, Ban Vat Nong, Kounxoa road
Sok Xai: Tel: +856 71 254309, Sakkalin Rd

> High Rollers (top end, $50 and up)
These go from comfortable western-standard hotels, sometimes with tasteful and unique Asian styled rooms and lobby, to the top end pampering kind with spa, swimming pool, top class food, etc.

Settha Palace: Tel: +856 21 217581-2, fax: +(856 21 217583, email: reservations@setthapalace.com, 6 Pang Kham Street
reen Park Bouthique
: tTel: +856 212 263062-3, fFax: +856 212 263064, 248 Khouvieng Road, Vientiane
Novotel: tel: +85621213570-1, fax: +85621213572-3, email: resvn-novotelvte@etllao.com, Samsenthai Road, Vientiane
Lao Plaza Hotel: tel: +856 21 218800-1, Fax: +856 21 218808-9, Email: lph@laoplazahotel.com, 63 Samsenethai Road
Don Chan Palace: tel: +856 21 244288, fax: +856 21 244111-2, Email: info@donchanpalacelaopdr.com, Vientiane

Luang Prabang
Auberge les 3 Nagas: tel: +856 71 253888, info@3nagas.com, Sakkarine Road
Villa Santi: Villa Santi, tel: +856 71 252157, fax: +856 71 252158, Sakkarine Road
Maisin Souvannaphoum: tel: +856 71 254609, fax: +856 71 212577, email: maison@angsana.com, Rue Chao Fa Ngum
La Residence Phou Vao: tel: +856 71 212194 or 212530, fax: +856 71 212534, email: laos@pansea.com,



1. aloys - August 8, 2006

The link to the View Khem Khong guesthouse is a dead one. This link will give you some info.

2. peter - June 20, 2007

Saabydee, thanks to mentiond Tum Tum Cheng Gh-s, pls, note, The Villa Guest House will get A/C for the bed rooms till the high season and will also show from November in the living room contemporary art from young artists from the Mekong region, entry will be for non-guests free. Sokdee ! Peter http://www.tumtumcheng.com

3. Bruce L - March 20, 2010

A lot of these links were dead, but popping the name into http://google.com often found the updated page.

4. Elween - February 12, 2011

thank you very much for the reference 🙂

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