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Tickets San Fransisco – Bangkok July 12, 2006

Posted by Veomani in flights.

For everybody in California who is thinking of going, the travel agent “American Travel and Tours” in Sacramento still has 10 return tickets available for San Fransisco to Bangkok leaving on 25 December for $925. This is good rate and you can get a discount if you book together.

You must book before the 19th of July, when the offer expires and probably gets more expensive. Who wants these tickets? Call the agent at 916-737-9287. Ask for Janak.

It’s a China Airlines flight:

  • leaving San Fransisco 1:05am (so think of it as leaving on 24th of December)
  • arriving Taipei: 5:30am
  • leaving Taipei: 9:40am
  • arriving Bangkok: 12:20pm

Alex has booked this flight already.

Whether you take these tickets or not, you should make up your mind soon. Seats are filling up and are getting more expensive.

Girlfriends, I haven’t heard back from any of you. What’s happening?? Have you heard? I’m getting married!! Please let me know what your plans are.



1. sheila - January 19, 2007

i love that!

2. Veomani - June 22, 2013

Thanks! My husband and I compiled all this information to share with our friends/family that was specifically related to the dates and nature of our wedding in Laos. It was never meant to be a travel guide so I’m happy to hear it has helped some people with their travels through Laos/Thailand.

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